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Plate Tectonics gets the two fingers

.. And why not?  It's just so much bullshit.
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Fig.1  This is the Atlantic floor, viewed in an unusual (sideways) orientation, .. 'cos I'm an unusual (laid back /prostrate /sideways, roll-me-over) kind of a guy  ('cos I'm an  Aussie).

It's meant to show two things (and you'll need two fingers to follow this bit of mind-blowing esotery - because it's about my own limitation with numbers), which is that the spreading ridge (No1) of which there is only one, is cut by the transform faults (No 2) of which there are heaps.  And I'm putting it out there, up on the web, along with my own numberological limitation, to draw attention to a simple point, .. which is that a worldful of PlateZillas, wantonly inflexible and destructively indifferent towards the hopeful enterpise of science, and zealous in their support for the consensus machine, are turning their blindest eye to the simple and obvious point that the structure depicted by Number 1, (the spreading ridge) ( of which there is only one) is cut by, and therefore earlier than, the structure depicted by Number 2 (the transform faults) ( of which there are heaps).

Got it?  No1 predates No2, .. the distinction being particularly obvious to the right in the figure.

For readers prepared to go one step further, we should also emphasise in a 'how-come' sort of way, that there *is* only one (ridge) but lots of cross-faults, and also make the still further observation that some of these cross-faults (transform faults) are more prominent than others and reasonably straight, where other ones are not, .. almost verging on the wonky and knobbly.  We'll deal with the whyfors of that later, but in the meantime we just want to focus on those  two simple numbers and what they mean because they are the foundation for the parting of the ways of Plate Tectonics and Earth expansion.


The parting of the ways:-
(Because except for the bit about the ridges getting longer as well as wider, and the ridges moving away from the continents instead of vice versa, both Plate Tectonics and Earth expansion agree on the broad aspect of sea-floor spreading: the ocean floors have indeed made the Earth bigger; it's the subduction zone that makes it smaller (!) (in Plate Tectonics).

The Nub:-
(.. is the factual bit we are faced with in the picture; all the rest is theory about how to explain what it means.)
In Plate Tectonics  all the Number 2s  existed before Number 1, i.e., "before the ocean floors began to open."  (Yes, that's what they say.. )
In Earth expansion Number 1 existed before Number 2 (most of them at any rate).

... And the difference (when we think about it) is whether there is convection or not, because that's what the first (Plate Tectonics) option was designed to do - justify sea-floor spreading in a convection sort of way, whereas the second shows how sea-floor spreading works in an Earth expansion sort of way.

Teasing it out a bit - or as new ('going forward') vernacular says - "unpacking it" (a bit).  (The full box is a complicated can-of-worms when we lift the lid.

All No 2s present "before the ocean floors began to open" (then scroll down to the animation that says "Transform Fault Motion and Formation of Fracture Zones")  means that once the ocean floors *did* begin to open, the spreading ridge, which is comprised almost all of straight segments, was already cracked up into more dog-legs than you could poke a stick at to give the configuration we see at the present day in Fig.1.  More than that, .. all the dyke intrusions that Plate Tectonics says go towards making up the ocean floors had to dogleg their way round this rubix cube of pre-existing faults without breaking through any of them.  And even more than that, only had to intrude the dogs, .. the legs remain unannointed (in the plate model). (Which is not true anyway, because in their way (in their way) the transform faults get spread too.)

Fig.2  Ridge offsets and along-ridge growth.  Correct-weight,  Earth-expansion arrows depict the sense of principal offets; also the ridge really *is* longer than its original breakthrough 'continental' extents (on the African side).  It's not a theory.   (The American side got a mention here.)

In Earth expansion what we see is what we get; the order of structural superposition being as is shown in the figure, ie.., opposite to that required for Plate Tectonics to work.  The offsets (2 in Fig.1) postdate the spreading ridge, and are related to the growth of the ocean floors that make the spreading ridges longer as well as wider, i.e., the dynamics of the ocean floor are a reflection of ridge lengthening, as much as ridge widening (=expansion).

However by reversing this order of structural superposition and claiming "a new class of faults" (see last link) Plate Tectonics was also able to claim 'proof' for convection, where convection was needed so that growth at the ridges could be compensated by its destruction elsewhere, so that the spectre of expansion that this ridge-lengthening raised needn't be addressed.  Though not everyone involved in developing Plate Tectonics was happy about that (Menard quoting Vine in this post).

And *that* is the significance of the numbers in the figure - whether or not there was justification for mantle flow in the structure of the ocean floors to vindicate spreading.  That's the bit where there was the parting of the ways, and all because the *real Earth science* got swamped by the massive budgets and institutional kudos consequent on the politics of fear generated mainly in America by the Cold War and later 'Star Wars' that saw factual geo -('PSSS't)- logic subsumed by geophysical theorising that has led the Earth sciences up the garden path with this Plate Tectonic bullshit. 

Seems factually (not conceptually) obvious to me, just by looking, that the spreading ridges are *indeed* longer than their original breakthrough continental extents, which reflects a first-order crustal dynamic the reason for which is not addressed in Plate Tectonics.  It is precisely the point that Plate Tectonicists are resolutely turning their blindest eye to in order to maintain the myth of convection.  And subduction.  And everything else of Plate Tectonics that hinges on those two numbers.

 (/ Two fingers).. Because Plate Tectonics deserves it.


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